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With the advancement of Science, there is that notion that ailments and medical conditions may no longer be humankind’s prime worry. Science and technology, afterall, have afforded us with medicines and medical procedures that may be promising is its effectiveness. Still, though, in the bustle of this 21st century breakthrough, there are some old, yet tested ways that continue to prove to be as effective as its modern-day conterparts. Massage therapy is one of those that have stood the ebbs of time.

But just what exactly is massage therapy?

Massage therapy, or Swedish massage, is one of the most common forms of massage therapy available in the United States. This form makes use of long and smooth strokes and movements, such as kneading, to target the topmost layers of the muscles.

This type of theraphy works by improving blood circulation, which, in turn, ensures that oxygen is distributed and is received by the tissues and cells. To this effect, muscle pains and cramps are relieved, while flexibility and improved mobility are achieved. Furthermore, the constant kneading movements help in getting rid of lactic acid and other bodily wastes, promoting better well-being.
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