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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers Products
Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, much greater amounts of oxygen are able to be diffused into the body. HBO works because of the physical properties of gases under pressure, specifically, oxygen at pressure greater than 1 atmosphere. Oxygen is essential in a variety of enzymatic, biochemical, and physiologic interactions that promote normal cellular respiration and tissue function. Mono-oxygenase, intradioxygenase, and interdioxygenase are specific enzymes that recruit oxygen as a cofactor to perform required biologic processes. Collagen deposition and synthesis depend on an oxygen-dependent prolyl-hydroxylase hydroxylation of proline. Angiogenesis and epithelization also are oxygen dependent.
Bottom Line: For your health, begin to think cellular ! The health of your cells determines the health of your bodily tissues, which then determines the health of each of your organs of life.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy dissolves much greater amounts of oxygen into your cells tissues organs. Hyperbaric Oxygen dissolves increased oxygen into your blood plasma and cerebrospinal fluid. One of the most important facts to understand is that the health and functioning of your brain, one of your many organs, is most sensitive to oxygen deficiencies. The brain is also the most responsive organ to oxygen super-saturation. This the reason stroke victims, as well as other patients who have brain and nervous system-related conditions, and those with cognitive difficulties, respond so well to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.