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UV water disinfection systems are only as good as the effectiveness of the germicidal lamps. With time, even the best UV water treatment system will show a significant degradation in its ability to disinfect water. Germicidal lamp output decreases as the lamp ages and becomes dirty through use.

Solar Light’s GLM10 Ultraviolet Disinfection System Monitor is specifically designed to continuously monitor germicidal lamp output in water contact vessels. The GLM10 assures that the germicidal lamp output stays within the manufacturer’s specifications for effective and safe water disinfection.

The GLM10 screws into the service port of an exposure chamber, where the built-in UV sensing probe monitors the lamp. Designed to display 0 – 100% intensity values, the GLM10 is easily calibrated to 100% when a new lamp is installed. As the lamp ages and the output drops, the display accurately shows the intensity level as a percentage of initial lamp intensity.

A preset threshold is used to determine when both the fault light and internal relay are activated for automatic valve control or remote alarm, ensuring a continuous supply of safe drinking water.

Solar Light Company, Inc. has been recognized worldwide for over 50 years as America’s premier manufacturer of precision ultraviolet light sources, solar simulators, and radiometers. Our standard line of UV, visible, and IR radiometers and light meters measure laboratory, industrial, environmental, and health related light levels with NIST traceable accuracy. Column ozone, aerosol, and water vapor thickness measurements, in addition to long-term global ultraviolet radiation studies all over the world are performed using our atmospheric line of instrumentation. Solar Light also provides NIST traceable spectroradiometric analyses, calibrations for light meters and light sources, accelerated ultraviolet radiation degradation testing of materials, and OEM instrumentation and monitors. Please visit for more details, specifications, and pictures!


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