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Types of Rubber Sheets
A rubber sheet is a sheet of cloth coated with rubber.
They are inexpensive, highly versatile and offer high tensile strength.
Rubber sheets are used in homes, factories and corporate offices.
They can adapt to different climatic conditions.
Natural Rubber Sheet
These sheets are made up of non-toxic latex which is Eco-friendly.
They are dynamic and exhibit rebound and mechanical properties.
They are used in short blasts, shute linings and conveyor skirts.
Insertion Rubber Sheet
These are manufactured by reinforcing a single ply cloth.
They are widely used in commercial applications.
They are used in gaskets, toolbox linings and work benches.
They are available as insertion strips and self adhesive rubber sheet.
EPDM Rubber Sheets
They are resistant to acid, ketones and alkalies.
EPDM rubber sheets exhibit high weather resistance.
They are used in in high ozone applications.
Neoprene Rubber Sheets
These rubber sheets are fire resistant.
They are commonly used in oil gas and chemical industries.
Silicone Rubber Sheets
Silicone rubber sheets offer resistance to high temperature.
They are used to store medicines, surgical equipment and perishable goods.
They have a low rate of permeability.
Nitrile Rubber Sheets
These rubber sheets are used in electrical transformers and sealing.
They exhibit high tensile strength.
They are used in oil handling hoses, cable jackets and floor mats.
Viton Rubber Sheets
Viton rubber sheets is a synthetic type of rubber sheet.
They can withstand temperatures ranging from 20oF to 400oF.
Rubber sheets are used in a wide range of applications which include
Oxidizing elements
Orthopedic footwear
Sand blasting curtains.
They can also be used to provide grip in slippery areas.
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