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Oxygen Chambers Comsetic Surgery

It’s chronic inflammatory bowel disease and you have it. It causes inflammation or swelling of the digestive tract and an estimated 500,000 people in the United States have it. And you are part of that 500,000. Yes you have Crohn’s disease.

You have got flare ups followed by episodes of remission. You have got persistent diarrhea, abdominal cramps and pain, fever and fatigue. You also have got rectal bleeding and even loss of appetite. Yes you have got Crohn’s disease and now you are coming into your first hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

You are nervous and don’t know what to expect. Well, luckily, I’ve been there and I know what to expect. From those experiences, I have gathered tips on what you can do while you are having your sessions in the hyperbaric chamber. And here they are.

As the hyperbaric oxygen treatment saying goes, “if you are allowed to fly in an airplane then you are most likely are allowed to be in an hyperbaric chamber.” First off, we talk about your attire during a hyperbaric oxygen treatment. You should be wearing loose, warm, comfortable and cozy clothing so tight constricting clothes are a no-no. You can also bring your favorite books and comics, CD players with headphones, or portable DVD players with headphones.

And sometime because it’s a bit cool in a hyperbaric chamber it is also advisable to bring a blanket. If you like to draw you can do that and bring some pencils and sketch. If you are a child you can bring toys but they have to be quite.


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