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Freeze Spray LARGE 10oz Aerosol Can 134A Super Cold Electronic Liquefied Gas with Trigger

Product Description :
Made in the USA Best-Elements Super Freeze is a Ozone friendly aerosol coolant system that instantly freezes surfaces to -65 F evaporates in seconds leaves no residue is safe on any sensitive surface
FEATURES Super Freeze comes with a trigger a 4-inch extension tube for a more precise application that penetrates hard-to-reach areas Odorless Plastic safe Economical General purpose
IN MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Skin Tag and Plantar Wart Removal By a Licensed Professional Only Excellent for cooling liquid semi-solid and solid samples Ideal for instant freezing of fresh tissue cooling of liquids to induce precipitation prior to filtering and chilling of field samples
IN ELECTRONICS Used as a TROUBLESHOOTING AID for intermittently faulting capacitors resistors semiconductors and other defective components It also increases visibility of cold solder joints cracks in printed circuit boards and oxidized junctions
CONTAINS 100 HFC 134A gas No CFCs or HCFCs Ozone safe Formulated to be Non-Flammable Non-Corrosive Non-Abrasive Fast-drying Anti-static