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Bakreshwar is a village in Dubrajpur CD Block in Suri Sadar subdivision of Birbhum district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Bakreshwar Thermal Power Station of West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited and Bakreswar Thermal Power Plant Township are located some distance away from this town.

Hot springs and temples – Bakreshwar is also a place of geological interest with many hot springs. There are ten hot springs here. They are :

Paphara ganga.
Baitarini ganga.
Khar kunda : The water in this spring is of 66 degrees Celsius.
Bhairav kunda : The water in this spring is of 65 degrees Celsius.
Agni kunda : Agni means fire. The water in this spring is at 80 degrees Celsius. It is also rich in many minerals of sodium, potassium, calcium, silicates, chlorides, bicarbonates and sulphates which are said to have medicinal properties. It might also contain traces of radioactive elements.
Dudh kunda : Dudh means milk. The water of this spring attains a dull white hue during early morning probably due to ozone concentration. The water in this spring is at 66 degrees Celsius.
Surya kunda : Surya means sun.The water in this spring is of 61 degrees Celsius.
Shwet ganga.
Brahma kunda.
Amrita kunda.


Ozone Water