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When you’re ready for school in the morning, you want a hairstyle that’s simple to do quickly but still cool enough to help you stand out from the crowd. These styles go with any out fit and are great for all types of women hair. Just take a few minutes to fix your hair before out the door for your school day.
1. Brush your hair to the left or right hand side. Either side works just as well.
2. Braid your hair over your shoulder. Keep it loose or tight, either way is great.
3. Use hairspray and bobby pins to keep it secured. This will help ensure your braid won’t fall out over the course of the day.

Whilst curling your hair put hair spray on the hair you’re curling so it stays in longer.
Try hot rollers for hair that gets frizzy when braided. You get the same be achy waves without frizz.
Twist your hair to help gather for a ponytail. Add in hair tie when twisted. (This will not make your hair curly.)
If you don’t want to use heat to curl your hair you can plait it overnight and in the morning you will have curly/ frizzy hair. You can straighten by having a shower (shampoo and condition) then hair dry it after brushing it through and through. Use hairspray to keep the straight hair in place.
Try not to have the same hair style everyday, it could damage your hair. Also try to have your hair down once or twice every week, or more.
If you put coconut or almond oil in your hair it will make it more sturdy.
When showered, make sure your hair is dried if you are going to straighten it, otherwise it will take a minimum of one hour to straighten your hair.
Don’t use too much hairspray it will just make your hair harder to put up, it will also affect the ozone layer! Plus it will make your hair look greasy and you don’t want that!! Use oil/grease based spray or water.
Don’t have the hairstyle which all your friends have, only the one you think is best so you can also be unique.over the hair. If you have pesky baby hair around your hairline you can rough it up and make it look modern.
Running your fingers through curls can make them look more natural. If you sprayed your hair with hairspray, run your fingers through to stop hair becoming brittle and stiff.


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